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Three reasons why you should use a venue finding agency

Did you know there are more than 5500 restaurants in London? And 55 of them are Michelin-starred? One of the newest and trendiest is Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Hotel. We’re not even going to mention the waiting list, suffice to say, forget about hosting your Christmas party there this year.

The Mandarin is out of most people’s league when it comes to hosting an event. On…

London – a capital plan for your event or conference

The Landlmark Hotel London

When it comes to hosting a UK-wide conference or event, nine times out of ten most event organisers or PAs consider staging their meeting in London.

That’s because the capital not only has the widest venue choice in the British Isles, it’s also blessed with excellent transport links (road, rail or plane) and many international company HQs are sited there meaning the top management tier…

Does the venue for my event really matter that much?

Treehouse venue

Apart from the date and the cost of your conference/meeting, where you´re going to have it is probably the most important consideration.
And before you decide on this (and we’ll help by listing a number of considerations below) you have to know who your attendees are. For instance, how far will they be coming from? What´s the most central location for the greatest number (or at least t…

Never plan an event ‘by committee’

If it´s a major conference event you´re planning then of course it´s good to get help from other people. After all, there´s going to be a ton of work involved. But you don´t just want everyone chipping their tuppence worth in. No, what you´re after is someone who really knows how the game unfolds, in other words an Event Planner. You can find any number of event planners listed on…

What to avoid when planning your next conference


Weeks of planning, discussing, organising, marketing and staff hours go into ensuring a conference runs smoothly. And nine times of out ten it will. But when it comes to dissecting the event afterwards there will always be some area where you fell short.

Thankfully, this usually becomes a focus next time round so that the same mistakes aren’t repeated. But it’s worth going over t…



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