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Event Agencies — Best Practices & What to Avoid

Planning a large event requires forethought and organisation. Event agencies who specialise in overseeing large events often tout how their services can make your life easier, but is that really so?

Experienced agencies may very well live up to their claims and help you find meeting venues that work with your budget. Others may be destructive. Here are few things you should look out for when…

5 Tips to Help You Select the Best Training Venue

Few employees report that training is their favorite part of their career. It’s time consuming and often requires them to travel a good distance.

As an employer or event planner, it’s your duty to select training venues that simplify the process. The conference centre you hire should follow a few basic principles if you really want to inspire employees. Check out our recommendations for…

Should You Hire a Free Venue Finding Agency?

If you’re trying to decide on if you should you use a free venue finding agency, you’re not alone. Thousands of businesses across the UK struggle to determine if they should use a service such as a conference venue finder.

Before you make a decision, consider who can use this service, and whether or not your business falls under this category.
Who Can Use a Conference Venue Finder?

Don’t Care About Your Venue? Here are 5 Reasons You Should!

After 20 or so meetings or events, you’re probably burnout trying to figure out logistics.

We don’t blame you.

Deciding the location, amenities and content is enough to make you re-think your job choice. However, that doesn’t or shouldn’t determine your enthusiasm for planning a successful event. The reality is, if you’re in charge of handling the planning process for your company…

What to Expect from a Quality Venue Finding Agency

Whether you’re holding a team building session or are trying to find the perfect place to hold your next conference, hiring a venue finding agency London offers is an excellent idea. However, you may feel overwhelmed about what to expect—particularly if you haven’t used one before. Venue finding is an intricate service that involves isolating the best venues available for a specific date,…



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