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5 Things You Need to Know Before Booking Meeting Rooms

So your boss has tasked you with finding meeting rooms for your company’s next big meetings. You’re strapped for time and you have never booked boardrooms before. Where do you start?

One solution is to use a venue finder.

Meeting rooms are like any other venue, there are certain requirements they must meet and the price should be within your budget. Other than that, you may be left wondering how you can decipher which is best.

Today we’re taking a closer look at what you need to know before you book meeting rooms for your business. Use this as a guide the next time you’re in charge of bookings.

What’s Included in the Price?

Perhaps the most important aspect of securing any venue is, what’s included in the price? Does the venue offer security? Will customers have to pay for parking? Questions like these should be asked before you put down a deposit. Rates that seem good on the surface may actually be higher than other’s which include security, staff, and free parking.

What is the Refund Policy?

Should something happen and your group isn’t able to use the space, what is the refund or cancellation policy offered? Preparing for the worst case scenario gives you peace of mind the day of the meeting. Plans change and events are cancelled, so knowing if the meeting rooms you’re look at have a safe refund policy gives you breathing room.

How Many Different Sized Rooms Are Available?

Another helpful way to determine the best boardrooms for your meeting, is to ask what sizes are available. More than 20 people will require a large room. Fewer than 10 might allow you to skimp on size and focus on amenities. Ask in advance.

Are refreshments & Equipment included?

How about catering and lighting equipment? Do you need a projector? Figure out what you’ll need for a successful meeting, and then ask if the venue supplies it. The answer could determine if you choose their services.

Is the staff available to assist?

Should you need someone to serve drinks or help with equipment, will the venue have someone on hand who can help? Don’t overlook this question. It could come in handy as you begin your meeting.

As a venue finder, we work tirelessly to ensure all of these are met and then some. If you need help securing the best meeting rooms, we can help.

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