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A Quick Guide to Different Types of Conference Venues


When you are organising your event there are numerous types of venues to consider.  Take a look at our quick guide for some of the different types of conference venues that are available with information on the pros and cons of each.


Hotels are the mainstay of meeting venues.

Pros:  Expect fantastic service and onsite accommodation with all the equipment and facilities you need.

Cons:  A lack of impact and a clinical environment.

Conference Centres

Purpose built venues for all your conference requirements.

Pros: Excellent meeting spaces tailored to your needs with any equipment that you require for your conference.

Cons: The venue can be quite formal and lacklustre.

Academic Venues

Formal venues which frequently offer excellent facilities.

Pros: Often well equipped and unique facilities in fantastic locations.

Cons:  Lack of availability due to use in the academic term.

Unusual Venues

Excellent venues for impact and uniqueness.

Pros: Unforgettable venues in fantastic locations with a wow factor.

Cons: Impractical facilities that may not cater for all conference requirements.  Limited availability.

Cinemas and Theatres

Ideal venue for large presentations and launch events.

Pros: Excellent presentation facilities in familiar surroundings.

Cons: Limited availability and restricted spaces.

Historic Venues

Established venues with an impact.

Pros: Motivating and memorable venues with excellent service.

Cons: Equipment and facilities can often be limited in impractical locations.

This guide is intended only to offer a broad overview of venues that are available.  Each venue is unique and can provide different levels of service, location, equipment and facilities.

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