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Three reasons why you should use a venue finding agency

Did you know there are more than 5500 restaurants in London? And 55 of them are Michelin-starred? One of the newest and trendiest is Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Hotel. We’re not even going to mention the waiting list, suffice to say, forget about hosting your Christmas party there this year.

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The Mandarin is out of most people’s league when it comes to hosting an event. One place that’s not although it’s every bit as popular seeing as it’s the largest conference and event centre in Europe, is the Barbican.

It’s not difficult to see why this is the go-to conference location, not least because it offers the latest in audio visual technology. You could even host your own private film screenings here thanks to the three in-house cinemas. Then again, it would be tempting to impress your guests with the skyline view of London from the 450-seater conservatory. Those looking for a more bustling environment could consider allowing guests to showcase their products and services at a trade exhibition in one of the Barbican’s two huge 1,900sq m halls which are up for hire.

We’re the first to acknowledge that finding a venue for your conference or event isn’t easy. And that’s why we would always recommend using a service geared towards finding the best location. And here’s more specific reasons why:

Why you should use a venue finder service:

  • Expertise

Finding the right venue could be crucial to the success of your event, conference or meeting. If the venue is in totally the wrong location, doesn’t have the facilities you require or if being there makes you feel as if you’ve walked onto the set of an early episode of Fawlty Towers, then – quite frankly – you’ve wasted your money and dented your company’s reputation.  In addition, you’ll have made your own position a bit less tenable than before. That’s why when it comes to finding a location it makes sense to bring in the expert ie someone who matches companies and events to venues for a living, on a day-to-day basis.


  • Time

How much time did you put aside for research purposes when planning your event? We’re betting it’s not nearly enough. Not only do you have to initially choose your venue and make sure it’s the best option travel-wise for the majority of your guests (at least the ones you really want to come to your event) but you’d also be advised to go and do a recce of the location – once uninvited and undercover and a second time as a formal visitor, meeting management and ironing out any compromises on food, rooms etc.


  • Experience

You may think that stately pile you pass on the way to work every morning would be fabulous for your company’s event. But we’ve been there and we’ve seen the results of a venue management team who aren’t prepared to give and take. That’s why we’ve crossed it off our list. At Conferences-UK we’ve personally visited more than 50 per cent of the venues on our database. We’ve met the staff, know what they’re like to work with and have learned the best ways to negotiate with them.

When it comes to recommending an event we will always offer somewhere we’d be happy to host an event in ourselves. After all, it’s not just your company’s reputation that’s at stake here. It’s ours as well.

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