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Event Agencies — Best Practices & What to Avoid

Planning a large event requires forethought and organisation. Event agencies who specialise in overseeing large events often tout how their services can make your life easier, but is that really so?

Experienced agencies may very well live up to their claims and help you find meeting venues that work with your budget. Others may be destructive. Here are few things you should look out for when hiring an event agency.

Lack of Experience

An inexperienced agency might offer you a better deal than one with decades of experience under their belt, but they won’t have the connections you need. Finding the perfect location and better deals for your business is what you’re hiring them for. If they can’t deliver because they are too new to the scene, you’ll be the one who pays the price.

Poor Reputation

Sites like Yelp! and Google Reviews provide greater insight into how a company truly interacts with its clients. Once you find a company you want to hire, browse their reviews to see what kind of reputation they have. If it’s poor, do the obvious.

Seek Out Local Knowledge

Event agencies should know the area like the back of their hand. It shouldn’t be difficult for them to call up vendors and score discounts or get the date you want. If they have local knowledge and business partnerships, you’ll be the benefactor.


If the agency you’re trying to hire doesn’t respond within a day or two, chances are they aren’t worth your time. Efficient, customer service focused businesses put their clients first, and that means quick communication.

Patient & Persistent

A good event agency makes finding meeting venues easy. They also take time to get you the best spot for the best price. If they are quick to jump on the first location, you may be dealing with a company that does not have your best interests in mind. Patience and perseverance are two qualities you should look for in an agency.

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