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How To Get What You Want — The Art of Venue Negotiations

Finding a venue is one of the most important facets of your event. Not only does it play host for your entire event, it also consumes the greatest portion of your budget. Logic would reason, then, that having a few negotiating tips and tricks up your sleeve goes a long way towards making your event a success.

We’ve gathered up a few important conference venue finder tips along with critical negotiating tricks to help you make the most of your venue finding agency in the UK.

Keep The BIG Four in Mind

Above all else, your negotiations will center on:

  • Budget
  • The Date
  • Attendance Numbers
  • Space Requirements

While other factors will play a role in the final negotiations, these four aspects will get you started in your negotiations. Venue finder agencies look at these factors first before helping you determine an appropriate budget.

Determine and Provide Clear Project Goals

If you don’t know what you want, neither will the venue you’re hiring. What’s worse, they could even upsell you on amenities you don’t need.

Cut through the refuse and outline clear and easily understandable goals for the event. This enables you to go into negotiations knowing precisely what you want without overlooking your budget or attendees.

View Several Quotes

Whatever you do, don’t settle on the first quote you receive, even if it is a reasonable fee. A conference venue finder might suggest that you opt for the first one that comes along, but professionals always recommend requesting several quotes before making a decision.

Remember: you’re the one in control, use the quotes you receive for leverage in negotiations.

Avoid Sales Pitch Tactics

Don’t fall for upselling. Sure, a full coffee and tea bar sounds like a good idea, but when you get a bill totaling hundreds of pounds it might be a little less desirable. Take care to avoid falling prey to tired and true sales tactics.

Of course, when you use our venue finding agency in UK you never have to worry about being “sold.” Our team negotiates on your behalf to prevent problems.

Think Beyond Hotels

Move beyond the traditional hotel venue trap. You can do better and save a ton of money by selecting an untraditional venue. Music halls, college campuses, and even restaurants can serve as an excellent venue location if you’re willing to go beyond the norm.


If you need help locating the top venue finding agencies in London, look no further. We can help you negotiate for your venue without any work on your part. Give us a call if you’d like to pass your negotiations on to a team of professionals.

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