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Don’t Care About Your Venue? Here are 5 Reasons You Should!

After 20 or so meetings or events, you’re probably burnout trying to figure out logistics.

We don’t blame you.

Deciding the location, amenities and content is enough to make you re-think your job choice. However, that doesn’t or shouldn’t determine your enthusiasm for planning a successful event. The reality is, if you’re in charge of handling the planning process for your company you need to care about the outcome.

As a venue finding agency, we run into hundreds of exhausted meeting planners who are looking for relief. Still not sold on the idea that you should care about your next meeting?

Here are five reasons to change your mind.

  1. Location can make or break attendance.

Whether you’re trying to book the best training venues in the UK or simply need a spot to hold a small brainstorm session, the location you choose determines who will show up. Central locations are ideal, no matter the size of your guest list.

Try to find a spot near hotels and transport hubs to increase your attendance records.

  1. Venues dictate the content of your event.

Where you hold your meeting can dictate the content you come up with. For example, if you want to show a video, but the location you choose doesn’t have a projector you obviously can’t show a film. The goal is to choose a space that suits the mission of the meeting through supportive equipment and the like.

  1. Amenities keep delegates engaged.

Other venue finding agencies might just try to hook you in with a low-priced event space. But we understand how crucial it is that the amenities offered are enticing—without going over budget. No matter what you’ve been told, you can find spaces that have advanced technology like Wi-Fi, white boards, computer projectors and so forth without spending oodles of cash.

  1. The better the event space, the more excited attendees will be.

Show us a person who doesn’t like free snacks and drinks, and we’ll show you a liar. Opt for a spot that offers free refreshments, or at the very least has a coffee machine and fridge available for your team.

  1. It’s your job to care!

And finally, it’s your job to care about finding the perfect location! Of course, there are ways to avoid the pain of planning…

As a venue finding agency we make it our top priority to keep your team happy. If you are finding it impossible to nail down the ideal location, consider using our services.

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